IFPA API Documentation

An API has been created to assist in the sharing of data between the IFPA and external systems. Currently this API will give you access to most of the data we have stored in the database. As of right now, the API only supports GET operations, but there are plans for allowing others in the future.

How to access

The API can be reached over a secure connection at https://api.ifpapinball.com and is accessible by any HTTP client or programming language. Besides being served over HTTPS, all requests require an API_KEY and are included as a parameter like this: https://api.ifpapinball.com/v1/rankings?api_key=abc123yourkey

You can request a key here.


Currently there are no limits to amount of API calls you can request, but please be kind - we are on a tiny server. Your access may be removed if you are found to be abusing the system.

Response Codes

200Request has been executed
201Resource created
202Resource changed
204Resource deleted
400A parameter is missing or is invalid
401Authentication failed
404Resource cannot be found
405HTTP method not allowed
429Returned when you have exceeded your rate limit
500Server error