Country Rankings for United States

This country has 21,441 players active in the rankings system.

Player Picture
Raymond Davidson
Everett, WA
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Eric Stone
Fort Myers, FL
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Escher Lefkoff
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Colin Urban
Portland, OR
Player Picture
Keith Elwin
Carlsbad, CA
Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Raymond Davidson Everett, WA 1st 808.79 IFPA World Pinball Championshi - 1st
2nd Eric Stone Fort Myers, FL 3rd 756.76 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 1st
3rd Escher Lefkoff CO 5th 701.81 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 5th
4th Colin Urban Portland, OR 6th 695.97 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 2nd
5th Keith Elwin Carlsbad, CA 7th 694.69 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 1st
6th Cayle George Seattle, WA 11th 610.45 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 1st
7th Aleksander Kaczmarczyk PA 12th 604.13 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 2nd
8th Bowen Kerins Salem, MA 13th 600.84 IFPA Pin-Masters - 2nd
9th Colin MacAlpine Austin, TX 14th 572.37 European Pinball Championship - 3rd
10th Trent Augenstein Delaware, OH 15th 569.14 IFPA World Pinball Championshi - 3rd
11th Jim Belsito Murrieta, CA 17th 559.74 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 3rd
12th Steven Bowden San Antonio, TX 18th 558.28 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 9th
13th David Riel Pittsburgh, PA 21st 530.43 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 1st
14th Joe Lemire Marlborough, MA 22nd 527.9 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 3rd
15th Germain Mariolle Redmond, WA 23rd 511.52 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 2nd
16th Andy Rosa Flint, MI 28th 468.7 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 9th
17th Luke Nahorniak Lakeville, MN 31st 451.87 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 1st
18th Andrei Massenkoff San Francisco, CA 33rd 449.67 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 2nd
19th Cryss Stephens PA 34th 448.19 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 4th
20th Jason Werdrick Park Ridge, IL 36th 438.19 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 1st
21st Karl DeAngelo Fontana, CA 37th 436.09 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 7th
22nd John Delzoppo Cleveland, OH 39th 430.99 The Amazing Pinball Race - 1st
23rd Derek Price San Diego, CA 41st 425.79 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 3rd
24th Alberto Santana New York, NY 43rd 423.71 Buffalo Pinball Summer Open - 3rd
25th Elliott Keith Catonsville, MD 47th 416.64 NYC Pinball Championships - 4th
26th Tom Graf Appleton, WI 51st 401.92 TitleTown Pinball November 201 - 1st
27th Jason Zahler 52nd 399.54 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 1st
28th Jordan Semrow Seattle, WA 53rd 399.44 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 5th
29th Josh Sharpe Arlington Heights, IL 56th 394.95 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 2nd
30th Lewis Bevans Pittsburgh, PA 61st 384.22 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 2nd
31st Phil Grimaldi Houston, TX 64th 379.12 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 2nd
32nd Bob Matthews Thousand Oaks, CA 65th 379.07 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 1st
33rd Drew Cedolia Greensboro, NC 67th 375.97 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 1st
34th Lonnie Langford Seattle, WA 68th 374.75 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 13th
35th Will McKinney Phoenix, AZ 69th 369.22 NW Pinball Championships - 1st
36th Eric Strangeway Oshkosh, WI 70th 367.12 TitleTown Pinball January 2020 - 1st
37th Zach Sharpe Chicago, IL 71st 364.01 IFPA Pin-Masters - 1st
38th Mark Pearson Phoenix, AZ 74th 360.24 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 1st
39th Jerry Bernard Patterson, NY 76th 355.32 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 2nd
40th Brian O'Neill Portsmouth, NH 77th 352.66 City Champ - 1st
41st Dave Stewart Carnation, WA 79th 350.48 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournam - 1st
42nd Donavan Stepp Lakewood, CO 81st 346.19 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 9th
43rd Alex Harmon Spring Lake, MI 84th 341.43 Pinvasion - 3rd
44th Andrew Rosa II Flint, MI 85th 339.48 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 3rd
45th Jared August West Bloomfield Township, MI 87th 335.69 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 3rd
46th Adam McKinnie Columbia, MO 88th 334.97 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 3rd
47th Jon Replogle Pittsburgh, PA 89th 333.78 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - 2nd
48th Ryan Wanger Boulder, CO 93rd 319.58 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 1st
49th Johnny Modica Hacienda Heights, CA 95th 314.6 Jurassic Classics at Vancouver - 1st
50th Timothy Enders Madison, WI 96th 312.99 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 16th
51st David Daluga Milwaukee, WI 97th 312.89 TitleTown Pinball Winter 2X Kn - 1st
52nd Mike Corbett WA Seattle, WA 98th 311.21 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 1st
53rd Levi Nayman New York, NY 99th 310 European Pinball Championship - 10th
54th Stephen Prusa Cleveland, OH 102nd 307.79 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 3rd
55th Dave Hubbard Cooksville, MD 105th 305.68 IFPA Pin-Masters - 6th
56th Adam Lefkoff Boulder, CO 106th 303.05 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 1st
57th Richie Terry Seattle, WA 109th 300.33 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 3rd
58th Greg Poverelli New York, NY 110th 299.14 European Pinball Championship - 12th
59th Erik Thoren De Pere, WI 111th 298 TitleTown Pinball Winter 2X Kn - 1st
60th Fred Richardson Columbia, SC 112th 297.49 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - Clas - 2nd
61st Nick DeStefano Holliston, MA 116th 291.6 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 9th
62nd James Scott OH Worthington, OH 118th 291.09 League Super Awesome - 1st
63rd Adam Bolinger Fort Wayne, IN 125th 281.79 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
64th Ryan Spindler Oregon, WI 126th 281.21 TitleTown Pinball November Mat - 1st
65th Greg DeFeo Pittsburgh, PA 128th 279.72 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 2nd
66th Travis Murie Oklahoma City, OK 130th 276.94 IFPA Pin-Masters - 9th
67th Andrew Lee Cleveland, OH 131st 276.5 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 6th
68th Carlos Delaserda Columbus, OH 132nd 275.74 TitleTown Pinball Winter 2X Ma - 3rd
69th Daniel Rone Portland, OR 140th 266.85 Portland Pinbrawl - 4th
70th Zac Wollons San Francisco, CA 141st 266.4 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 1st
71st Erik Rentmeester Green Bay, WI 144th 263.69 TitleTown Pinball Fall Classic - 1st
72nd Zach McCarthy 146th 261.49 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 2nd
73rd Luke Baxter 148th 260.35 San Francisco Pinball Departme - 1st
74th Robert Byers Austin, TX 150th 258.46 Space City Open - 5th
75th Jesse Baker Cincinnati, OH 153rd 257.49 Level One Replay FX Sponsorshi - 2nd
76th Preston Moncla Beaumont, TX 154th 257.43 Texas Pinball Festival Wizards - 5th
77th Maka Honig Seattle, WA 155th 256.91 Portland Pinbrawl - 1st
78th Russ Schilling Marathon City, WI 156th 256.23 TitleTown Pinball League - 1st
79th Ed Giardina Providence, RI 157th 255.99 NYC Pinball Championships - 5th
80th Justin Bath PG County, MD 158th 253.69 Stern Army : Snow Brawl 2020 - 1st
81st John Tomsich Roaming Shores, OH 162nd 251.11 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 17th
82nd Eric Wagensonner San Francisco, CA 168th 248.16 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 4th
83rd Bill Mason Huntersville, NC 170th 246.2 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 4th
84th Christopher CJ Smith Brooklyn, NY 171st 245.72 24 Hour Final Battle at The Sa - 5th
85th Mike Pantoliano Seattle, WA 172nd 244.22 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 4th
86th Derek Fugate KY 173rd 243.4 Free Play Florida 2018 - 2nd
87th Sean Grant New York, NY 175th 242.49 NYCPC 2019 Tribeca Pinball VIP - 1st
88th Kalyn Smith Anaheim, CA 176th 242.25 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 14th
89th John Miller MO St. Louis, MO 178th 242.01 SLAP 100,000 Pinball Tournamen - 2nd
90th Jordan Dechaine CO 180th 240.85 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 12th
91st Evan Bookbinder Pittsburgh, PA 184th 237.73 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 2nd
92nd Mike Burgess Fort Wayne, IN 185th 237.52 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 2nd
93rd Walt Lannis Pittsburgh, PA 187th 236.3 Pre Pinburgh Pin Masters - 4th
94th Kevin Curtis Mesa, AZ 191st 233.56 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 1st
95th Dana Valatka Portland, OR 192nd 233.31 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 6th
96th Gabe Da Silveira Oakland, CA 193rd 233.2 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 3rd
97th Davey Plaisted North Stonington, CT 194th 232.62 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 2nd
98th Nick Zendejas Northglenn, CO 195th 232.09 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - 6th
99th Don Johnson Cleveland, OH 196th 231.03 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 2nd
100th Gene X Hwang San Francisco, CA 197th 229.8 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 2nd