Women's Rankings Womens Tournaments - Open Tournaments

There are currently 2462 women in the IFPA rankings based on those that have played in open tournaments.

Player Picture
Keri Wing
Overland Park, KS, United States
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Kassidy Milanowski
Appleton, WI, United States
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Leslie Ruckman
CA, United States
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Danielle Peck
Auckland, Auc, New Zealand
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Kaylee Campbell
Charlotte, NC, United States
Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Keri Wing Overland Park, KS, United States 48th 594.78 D82 Pinball Super Series Event - 3rd
2nd Kassidy Milanowski Appleton, WI, United States 50th 581.68 Tilt'n Tuesdays at District 82 - 1st
3rd Leslie Ruckman CA, United States 115th 403.23 Flippin' Friday Knockout Tourn - 4th
4th Danielle Peck Auckland, Auc, New Zealand 134th 368.47 Pincade Classics - 1st
5th Kaylee Campbell Charlotte, NC, United States 160th 332.66 Southern-Fried Game Expo 2022 - 1st
6th Karyn Kiser Väs, Sweden 201st 296.00 Stern Army - Borås Månadstävli - 3rd
7th Jane Verwys Chicago, IL, United States 210th 289.39 2022 YEGPIN Knockout Cancer Pi - 5th
8th Elizabeth Gieske United States 253rd 264.49 Stern Army Wizard's World Silv - 2nd
9th Louise Wagensonner San Francisco, CA, United States 257th 263.30 2022 YEGPIN Match Play Champio - 10th
10th Sunshine Bon Columbia, MO, United States 259th 260.55 D82 Pinball Super Series Event - 6th
11th Helen de Haan-Verbeek Hoorn, NH, Netherlands 277th 253.23 IFPA Pinball Olympics 2022 - F - 4th
12th Amy Kesting Columbus, OH, United States 291st 245.55 The Amazing Pinball Race - 2nd
13th Becky Meyer Algoma, WI, United States 371st 210.36 Tilt'n Tuesdays Side Tournamen - 2nd
14th Rachel Ristow Sheboygan, WI, United States 395th 202.19 D82 GLPO Event 2: 8 Strike Cla - 13th
15th Kalyn Smith Anaheim, CA, United States 400th 200.33 Recbar Sunday Night Pinball Pa - 1st
16th Deborah Tahlman Columbus, OH, United States 413th 195.19 WWW 4 Stern Army Classics 4 Pl - 6th
17th Stephanie Traub Washington, DC, United States 431st 189.83 D82 Summer Pinball Classic Eve - 22nd
18th Olivia Helm Chandler, AZ, United States 435th 189.60 Starfighters Monthly - 2nd
19th Anna Neal United States 482nd 175.46 D82 Triple Flip Open #1 Classi - 12th
20th Ashley Weaver Renton, WA, United States 498th 169.50 NWPAS Satellite: Memorial Day - 2nd
21st Emily Cosson Gold Coast, QLD, Australia 533rd 161.67 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 6th
22nd Molly Oury IN, United States 547th 158.61 Stern Army Fort Wayne Pinball - 1st
23rd Kristen Gregory Schaumburg, IL, United States 588th 149.26 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 14th
24th Esther Ahronheim Portland, OR, United States 592nd 148.85 BPAC 3-Strike - 6th
25th Lea Muer Hollabrunn, Low, Austria 598th 148.43 Austrian Pinball Open Round Ro - 3rd
26th Susan Staed Green Bay, WI, United States 606th 146.82 TitleTown Pinball December 201 - 4th
27th Tracy Lindbergh Chandler, AZ, United States 610th 146.07 Starfighters Monthly - 4th
28th Linsey Rogers Cincinnati, OH, United States 706th 133.14 Cincy Pinball Championship 7 - 2nd
29th Vanessa Ish Seattle, WA, United States 749th 126.61 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournam - 6th
30th Lisa Conroy Christchurch, New Zealand 756th 125.93 Pincade Classics 2022 - 3rd
31st Sammie Bacon Reidsville, NC, United States 773rd 123.78 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 20th
32nd Dina Lindsay Herne, Germany 784th 122.26 IFPA World's Okayest Pinball W - 6th
33rd Vaelle Voise Green Bay, WI, United States 789th 121.89 Tilt'n Tuesdays Side Tournamen - 2nd
34th Micaela Wolf Calgary, AB, Canada 796th 121.40 Death Save Pinball WPPL - 1st
35th Allison O'Neill San Francisco, CA, United States 813th 118.47 D82 Super Series Event 1: 10 S - 23rd
36th Rachel Bess Phoenix, AZ, United States 832nd 115.82 The Sor-Shu-Gon! - 2nd
37th Holly Danowski Meriden, CT, United States 856th 113.70 24 Hour Final Battle at The Sa - 4th
38th Stephanie Guida United States 857th 113.59 Texas Pinball Festival Classic - 13th
39th Jasmijn de Jong Seattle, Netherlands 875th 111.35 European Pinball Championship - 12th
40th Amy Ziegenhagen Germany 877th 111.31 World's Okayest Pinball Weeken - 12th
41st Lee Ann Scardina Phoenix, AZ, United States 895th 109.06 Starfighters Monthly - 2nd
42nd Zoe Vrabel Portland, OR, United States 908th 107.50 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 11th
43rd Holly Koskinen Columbus, OH, United States 917th 106.09 Flippin' Friday 3 Strike Knock - 3rd
44th Tara Henjum Suamico, WI, United States 918th 106.08 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 3rd
45th Deb Dull Fort Wayne, IN, United States 922nd 105.69 Stern Army Fort Wayne Pinball - 2nd
46th Mandy Peel Evanston, IL, United States 939th 103.06 D82 Flippin' Friday 3 Strike K - 11th
47th Stacey Moritz Pittsburgh, PA, United States 977th 99.19 D82 Triple Flip Open #1 Classi - 21st
48th Christine Doherty Chicago, IL, United States 994th 97.80 D82 Summer Pinball Classic: Ev - 30th
49th Karrie Hill Victoria, BC, Canada 1011th 96.36 Black Diamond Target Match Pla - 3rd
50th Cassie Begay Denver, CO, United States 1014th 96.07 D82 Beat the Clock Classics To - 8th
51st Hailey Davis United States 1039th 94.09 Tilt'n Tuesdays Side Tournamen - 5th
52nd Kim Martinez Columbus, OH, United States 1046th 93.47 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 12th
53rd Barbara Sprenger Ulrichstein, Germany 1055th 92.70 IFPA Welcome Back Tournament - - 12th
54th Monica Murie United States 1063rd 92.14 D82 Flippin' Friday 3 Strike K - 4th
55th Anna Wolk New York, NY, United States 1107th 88.09 Silverball Rumble at Pintastic - 4th
56th Snow Galvin Denver, CO, United States 1124th 86.97 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 13th
57th Mary Profeta Scardina Sun City, AZ, United States 1161st 84.00 Stern Army Stranger Things Lau - 1st
58th Kristen Bayusik Meriden, CT, United States 1171st 82.75 Sanctum Weekly Tournament - 1st
59th Alysa Parks Evanston, IL, United States 1179th 82.27 Starfighters Pinball Festival - 20th
60th Laura Edward Toronto, ON, Canada 1190th 81.93 Bluffs Pinball Championship - 2nd
61st Beth Trofka De Pere, WI, United States 1191st 81.31 Tilt'n Tuesdays Side Tournamen - 4th
62nd Cindy Grote Denver, CO, United States 1230th 78.87 BPAC BPC - 12th
63rd Elizabeth Dronet Houston, TX, United States 1236th 78.57 Wormhole Q3 - Progressive Stri - 3rd
64th Helena Walter Higgins Denver, CO, United States 1247th 77.58 European Pinball Championship - 40th
65th Rebecca Hinsdale Chicago, IL, United States 1252nd 76.98 D82 Summer Pinball Classic Eve - 20th
66th Rebecca Mallmann Menasha, WI, United States 1254th 76.93 TitleTown Pinball February Cla - 9th
67th Sierra Lieffort Lakeland, FL, United States 1282nd 75.04 Asylum's International Elite T - 2nd
68th Lindsey Most Vienna, VA, United States 1286th 74.86 Free Play Florida 2022 - Class - 20th
69th Donna Wai Oshawa, ON, Canada 1292nd 74.57 Maple Mayhem! Tournament #1 Cl - 2nd
70th Veronica Mazurkiewicz Stockholm, Sto, Sweden 1306th 73.53 Stern Army Stranger Things Lau - 10th
71st Laura Fraley Richmond, VA, United States 1312th 72.86 PINTOPIA Frenzy July 2022 - 1st
72nd Brenda Kabel East Hartford, CT, United States 1315th 72.79 Sanctum Weekly Tournament - 1st
73rd Danielle Wilcox United States 1336th 71.87 The Ice Box Player of the Mont - 8th
74th Allie Lawson Fayetteville, AR, United States 1341st 71.26 Pinpoint Group Match Play - 1st
75th Stephanie Turner United States 1350th 70.36 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 10th
76th Carola Kolbeck Regensburg, Germany 1354th 70.10 IFPA World's Okayest Pinball W - 12th
77th Bre Reynolds Columbus, OH, United States 1359th 69.67 Pincinnati Whodey Memorial Mat - 12th
78th Brianne Hunt Portland, OR, United States 1380th 68.79 Don Flamenco Fest - 1st
79th Laura Stoddard Rancho Cucamonga, CA, United States 1400th 67.61 Pinball at the Lab - 19th
80th Jillian Towne NH, United States 1413th 67.01 New England Pinball League Sea - 4th
81st Sunni Williams Eugene, OR, United States 1415th 66.99 Emerald City Pinball League - 8th
82nd Rachel Karlic Chicago, IL, United States 1424th 66.66 End of the year Flip Frenzy! - 2nd
83rd Terri Morton Chesterbrook, PA, United States 1456th 65.24 Jay's Place Double Header - 4th
84th Echa Schneider Oakland, CA, United States 1461st 64.85 Golden State Pinball Festival - 5th
85th Jessica Barron United States 1481st 63.81 Kitsap Monthly Matchplay - Ano - 2nd
86th Sarah Hager Seattle, WA, United States 1504th 62.68 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 13th
87th Brenda Yakimets Edmonton, AB, Canada 1508th 62.54 Stern Army: 2022 DHPL League C - 2nd
88th Erin Malysa Chicago, IL, United States 1519th 62.08 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 32nd
89th Cate Treese NJ, United States 1575th 59.66 Game Vault Pinball Open Decemb - 1st
90th Emily Jane Smith Brisbane, QLD, Australia 1579th 59.40 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 1st
91st Bee Westrum CA, United States 1594th 58.96 Monterey Flipper Pinball - 3rd
92nd Heather Loudon Seattle, WA, United States 1615th 58.12 Monster Bash Frenzy - 7th
93rd melinda salminen Midland, MI, United States 1671st 55.45 Clubhouse Clash-January #1 - 4th
94th Jade Ang NY, United States 1680th 55.26 Welcome Back, WPPRs - 2nd
95th Nik Sear Seattle, WA, United States 1681st 55.25 Seattle Pinball Super League - 3rd
96th Fiona Peck Pukekohe, Auc, New Zealand 1696th 54.69 Fiona’s Xmas Pinball Party! - 2nd
97th Dawnda Durbin Portland, OR, United States 1707th 54.18 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 159th
98th Agnes Budai Hungary 1717th 53.93 APO 2022 Side Tournament Sunda - 10th
99th Sara Little Vancouver, BC, Canada 1720th 53.76 Golden Strikes at The Railway - 1st
100th Rose Quinn Bluffton, IN, United States 1721st 53.73 Stern Army Fort Wayne Pinball - 3rd