Women's Rankings Womens Tournaments - Open Tournaments

There are currently 2028 women in the IFPA rankings based on those that have played in open tournaments.

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Danielle Peck
Auckland, Auc, New Zealand
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Zoe Vrabel
Portland, OR, United States
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Robin Lassonde
Berkeley, CA, United States
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Louise Wagensonner
San Francisco, CA, United Kingdom
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Sunshine Bon
Columbia, MO, United States
Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Danielle Peck Auckland, Auc, New Zealand 172nd 315.67 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 1st
2nd Zoe Vrabel Portland, OR, United States 204th 295.05 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 4th
3rd Robin Lassonde Berkeley, CA, United States 254th 266.69 PAPA World Pinball Championshi - 10th
4th Louise Wagensonner San Francisco, CA, United Kingdom 278th 256.76 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 2nd
5th Sunshine Bon Columbia, MO, United States 300th 243.04 Texas Pinball Festival Wizards - 11th
6th Amy Kesting Columbus, OH, United States 307th 239.99 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 6th
7th Keri Wing Overland Park, KS, United States 331st 228.08 Cactus Jacks Silverball Showdo - 1st
8th Helena Walter Higgins Denver, CO, United States 336th 226.62 European Pinball Championship - 14th
9th Deborah Tahlman Columbus, OH, United States 401st 207.86 OBX FLippers Arcade Classics B - 1st
10th Tracy Lindbergh Chandler, AZ, United States 458th 188.5 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 12th
11th Snow Galvin Denver, CO, United States 463rd 187.52 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 10th
12th Allison ONeill San Francisco, CA, United States 511th 173.72 San Francisco Pinball Departme - 1st
13th Holly Danowski Meriden, CT, United States 527th 170.62 Pre Final Battle Charity Tourn - 2nd
14th Julie Gray Seattle, WA, United States 539th 167.97 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 1st
15th Emily May Hamden, CT, United States 542nd 167.73 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 4th
16th Megan Brown Cleveland, OH, United States 627th 151.94 Kidforce Collectibles Winter P - 5th
17th Karyn Kiser United States 653rd 147.2 Danish Pinball Open - Second C - 4th
18th Priyanka Kochhar Pittsburgh, PA, United States 665th 146.17 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 5th
19th Helen de Haan-Verbeek Hoorn, NH, Netherlands 674th 144.71 Pinball Universe Battle 2018 - - 6th
20th Stephanie Traub Washington, DC, United States 684th 143.35 Fairfax Pinball Open - 1st
21st Jessica DeNardo Portland, OR, United States 695th 141.4 Cooly Classic - 3rd
22nd Dina Lindsay Herne, Germany 710th 139.16 IFPA Pinball Olympics 2018 - 6th
23rd Leslie Ruckman CA, United States 763rd 131.44 New Year, New WPPRs tournament - 1st
24th Hannah Hatch United States 806th 125.35 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 13th
25th Jane Verwys Chicago, IL, United States 854th 117.72 Netherworld Flip Frenzy At Log - 1st
26th Esther Ahronheim Portland, OR, United States 864th 116.68 System 11 World Championship - 4th
27th Sara Little Vancouver, BC, Canada 878th 115 Vancouver Flip-Out at Vancouve - 13th
28th Holly Koskinen Columbus, OH, United States 893rd 113.36 Stern Munsters Launch Party - - 1st
29th Maya Nigrosh Madison, WI, United States 905th 112.41 NEPL Season 19 - 12th
30th Jessie Carduner Cuyahoga Falls, OH, United States 941st 108.62 Stonehedge Pinball League - 3rd
31st Kim Martinez Columbus, OH, United States 947th 108.41 Silverball Seasonal Tourney! - 2nd
32nd Emma Eriksson Stockholm, Sweden 966th 105.86 Matchstick Pinball Open - 3rd
33rd Julie Schober United States 981st 104.99 Pinholics Anonymous - 3rd
34th Micaela Wolf Calgary, AB, Canada 1018th 101.85 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 18th
35th Anna Wolk New York, NY, United States 1034th 101.05 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 14th
36th Theresa Nessel Portland, ME, United States 1041st 100.09 New England Pinball League - 13th
37th Mary Mac Vancouver, BC, Canada 1045th 99.83 Replay Wednesdays - 1st
38th Emily Cosson Gold Coast, QLD, Australia 1054th 99.13 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 1st
39th Barbara Sprenger Ulrichstein, Germany 1056th 99.08 Ligafinale - 5th
40th Michelle McCleester Canton, OH, United States 1085th 96.86 The Amazing Pinball Race - 5th
41st Jacquie Day Glen Burnie, MD, United States 1108th 94.73 DMV Pinball League - 9th
42nd Alysa Parks Evanston, IL, United States 1118th 93.72 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 21st
43rd Stacey Moritz Portland, OR, United States 1125th 93.18 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 18th
44th Jasmijn de Jong Seattle, Netherlands 1202nd 86.78 Dutch Pinball Masters - 27th
45th Jessica Shepherd Austin, United States 1237th 83.49 Texas Pinball Festival Classic - 22nd
46th Evelyne Desot Duffel, Belgium 1255th 82.62 Dutch Pinball Masters - 3rd
47th Lisa Conroy Christchurch, New Zealand 1270th 81.99 System 11 World Championship - 13th
48th Heather Kendrick Lansing, MI, United States 1289th 80.63 Blind Squirrel Pinball League - 3rd
49th Valerie Testa United States 1366th 76.65 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 19th
50th Mindy Bert Portland, OR, United States 1373rd 76.35 Northwest pin fest - 1st
51st Emily Jane Smith Brisbane, QLD, Australia 1377th 76.27 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 2nd
52nd Emma Eichhorn Portland, OR, United States 1385th 75.79 Portland Pinbrawl - 5th
53rd Megan Sprague Ottawa, ON, Canada 1389th 75.69 Kickback Weekly Tournament - 10th
54th Julie Dorssers London, ON, Canada 1392nd 75.26 Pinball for Change - 4th
55th Kristen Gregory Ann Arbor, MI, United States 1410th 74.38 National Baby Food Festival Op - 2nd
56th Carola Kolbeck Regensburg, Germany 1417th 74.15 German Pinball Open - 16th
57th Denise Klaesson Sävsjö, Sweden 1418th 74.12 Matchstick Pinball Open - 6th
58th Therese Lundgren Sweden 1421st 73.8 Borås Pinball Open - 12th
59th Hollie Mills Gold Coast, QLD, Australia 1434th 73.18 Cooly Classic - 7th
60th Mika Rollin Seattle, WA, United States 1449th 72.48 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 9th
61st Lindsey Most Vienna, VA, United States 1458th 72.25 Fulton Pinball Tournament - 4th
62nd Claire Burkhalter Columbus, OH, United States 1462nd 72 Level One Replay FX Sponsorshi - 5th
63rd Anna Neal United States 1477th 71.36 City Champ - 15th
64th Linsey Rogers Cincinnati, OH, United States 1489th 70.66 Arcade Legacy Bar FREE Strikes - 2nd
65th Kate Rothwell-Jackson Sheffield, United Kingdom 1491st 70.56 German Pinball Open - 8th
66th Norma Jennings FL, United States 1502nd 69.98 Free Play Florida - 6th
67th Karen Cummings Grand Rapids, MI, United States 1512th 69.41 Blind Squirrel Pinball League - 3rd
68th Sarah Schudel Kalamazoo, MI, United States 1545th 67.71 Harvest Festival Pinball Tourn - 2nd
69th Deb Dull Fort Wayne, IN, United States 1575th 66.33 2018 Fort Wayne Pinball Wizard - 2nd
70th Erin Malysa Chicago, IL, United States 1580th 66.09 Pincinnati Matchplay Tournamen - 4th
71st Karli Pigford CO, United States 1600th 65.14 Pin-toberfest - 1st
72nd Heather Loudon Seattle, WA, United States 1611th 64.61 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournam - 10th
73rd Angela Pecora Shepherdstown, WV, United States 1631st 64.01 OBX FLippers Arcade Classics B - 5th
74th Naiomi Goodwin Newcastle, Australia 1632nd 64 BM 3-Strikes - 10th
75th Lora Tennison Allen, TX, United States 1640th 63.74 Texas Pinball League - 9th
76th kate porter Chicago, IL, United States 1646th 63.61 Summer Heat pinball tournament - 1st
77th Ashley Weaver Renton, WA, United States 1650th 63.47 NWPC Pre-Tourney - 8Bit - 4th
78th Maureen Hendrix Seattle, WA, United States 1662nd 62.75 Northwest pin fest - 7th
79th Anna Hovhannessian United States 1681st 61.85 Modern Pinball NYC Super Leagu - 5th
80th Stephanie Guida United States 1682nd 61.8 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 236th
81st Molly Oury United States 1720th 60.8 Fort Wayne Pinball Weekly 4 St - 2nd
82nd Dana Ost Columbia, MD, United States 1726th 60.63 Snow Brawl 2019 - 6th
83rd Rachel Karlic Chicago, IL, United States 1732nd 60.53 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 329th
84th Margit Danielmeier Germany 1738th 60.23 Electric Friends Tournament 20 - 6th
85th Beth Senturia New York, NY, United States 1747th 59.82 Modern Pinball NYC Super Leagu - 11th
86th Katie Rosier United States 1750th 59.74 Pin Maine-ia - 1st
87th Aviana Smith Boise, ID, United States 1754th 59.65 Battle RoyALE @ Woodland Empir - 1st
88th Nicole Bernier Gorham, ME, United States 1756th 59.57 New England Pinball League - 15th
89th Rachel Morris Austin, TX, United States 1759th 59.48 Houston Expo Modern Tournament - 3rd
90th Sarah Lindsay SC, United States 1771st 59.05 fellowship of the silver ball - 2nd
91st Olivia Helm Chandler, AZ, United States 1786th 58.41 Tilt Studio Tempe Pinball Leag - 1st
92nd Echa Schneider Oakland, CA, United States 1813th 57.26 Nor Cal Solid State - 1st
93rd Shannon Moody Louisville, KY, United States 1822nd 57.05 Recbar Weekly Tournament - 2nd
94th Amy L. Covell-Murthy Pittsburgh, PA, United States 1825th 56.93 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 20th
95th Bre Reynolds Columbus, OH, United States 1838th 56.51 Monday Night Knockout Series - 4th
96th Sophie Spickard Seattle, WA, United States 1858th 55.78 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 9th
97th Rose Weingartner Washington, DC, United States 1860th 55.7 Pinholics Anonymous - 9th
98th Erin Kelly Pittsburgh, PA, United States 1861st 55.66 Fight Club - 2nd
99th Katie Janis Seattle, WA, United States 1890th 54.81 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 13th
100th Rachel Bess Phoenix, AZ, United States 1898th 54.38 Grand Ogre Matchplay - 4th